In accordance with Government COVID19 legislation, it is important we set out what we are doing to keep you safe and also some things we will ask you to do to help protect your fellow customers. PLEASE respect our bar staff. It is not their fault these new - and hopefully temporary - rules are in place:

  1. For the safety of our staff and other customers, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISES IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL OR HAVE A TEMPERATURE.

  2. As per Government legislation ALL CUSTOMERS MUST RECORD THEIR VISIT to our premises on the NHS COVID19 app  to assist in "track and trace" should anyone be found at a later date to have contracted coronavirus. Should you prefer, a manual register will also be available and may be used instead. All personal information will be destroyed after 21 days.

  3. A sanitizer station is situated immediately in front of the entrance door. We would request that everyone sanitizes their hands upon entry and at intervals at your discretion thereafter.

  4. We are allowed to offer table service only. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH THE BAR. We will come to your table to collect your order. and deliver your drinks and/or food.

  5. Please do not bring your empty glasses back to the bar. These will be collected from your table and washed as usual at high temperature.

  6. Regrettably NO STANDING IS PERMITTED IN THE PUB. You must remain seated at all times unless using the toilets.. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN NOT SEATED.  Sadly the dartboard will not be in use during this period.

  7. No sitting is permitted at the bar.

  8. A MAXIMUM OF 6 PERSONS are permitted to sit at any one table . Please do not move any tables.

  9. All tables will be sanitized between use. The bar top will be sanitized on a regular basis as will all other regularly touched surfaces within the pub, eg door handles, finger plates and taps. We would ask you to avoid touching any surface unnecessarily.

  10. Disposable single use food menus will be provided or you can access our menu on your mobile. Any condiments required should be requested at the time of food order and will be provided in single use sachets.

  11. Our staff will sanitize their hands on a regular basis throughout their shift.  They are required to wear face masks.. They have been instructed to maintain at least a one metre distance from you whenever practicable so please don't be offended.

Please keep safe and healthy.  Hopefully life will return to normal in June.

LAST UPDATED 13.05.2021